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It’s has been a long time since I’ve updated this news section. As with most industries, Covid-19 continues to bear down on the music and media sector slowing the wheels of activity and increasing the level of competitiveness as ‘performing’ musicians are (understandably) now taking to songwriting and recording. Despite this terrible and challenging time, there have been a few highlights over the past few months for PPM.

It was wonderful to hear that PPM was recently featured on the following TV shows: Tonight (ITV), Kirstie: Keep Crafting and Carry On (Channel 4), CountryFile (BBC One), A Country Life for Half the Price (Channel 5) and one of my personal favourites (childhood fan!) Neighbours (Channel 5).

10 terrifying and sinister tracks – slow ambient soundscapes to chill the heart.

New releases have included ‘Pure Fear’ – a full album of haunting tracks available on the Absolute Music Library and multiple new songs featured on Channel Flickers (Boost Music Ltd), Gentle Guitar Songs (Clearwave Music Ltd) and Christmas Pop Songs (Clearwave Music Ltd).

What’s next for PPM? Well, I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with a dear friend and colleague, Jonny Russell – who has brought his ‘glitch’ programming and remixing skills to a couple of new acoustic tracks – soon to be available from ‘Funky Junkies’ on their ‘Abstract Ideas’ album release. I also have a full glitch-acoustic album and documentary album available for licence very shortly – watch this space for updates.

So, as we head towards the close of the year I want to thank all the publishers for their continued support, advice and handwork in pitching my music. The TV companies and music supervisors for finding uses for the music. Merry Christmas to all and stay safe – here’s to hoping next year is not such a turbulent ride!

Noel 😉

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