Major label BMG to distribute PPM tracks…

The dream of major record label deals were often in my thoughts as a young musician, aspiring to take on the pop music World. Twenty years later I think I’ve managed to crack it (in a round about way!!)

German major label BMG who also struck a deal with Sony in 2008 have long been one of the major players in global music output. With artists ranging from Kylie to Coldplay. I was delighted to find out this week that three of my ‘Love Song’ production tracks via publisher Clear Wave Music are going to be added to and distributed by the BMG Production Music division. Ok, it’s perhaps not the million pound major record deal that young dreams are made of, but I’m happy that some of PPMs songs are now some little extra cogs in a monstrous machine! I’ll keep you posted when the tracks are available to licence for media projects, but in the mean time you can preview them here.

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