The Story behind Abstract Acoustics

The Story behind Abstract Acoustics

Sampling is a production technique that has long inspired a multitude of genres – perhaps most commonly associated with HipHop, R&B and Dance from the late 70s to present day. From whole sections of popular songs to short ‘one-shot’ snippets of sound – sampling has been a great tool for generating new textures and musical ideas. Here at PPM, with my roots embedded in acoustic music I wanted to take sampling and see what would happen if applied to the acoustic guitar, I shall explain…

“All the sounds on the Abstract Acoustic album have been created with a single acoustic guitar. However, I wanted the pieces to sit outside the typical ‘acoustic’ genres and worked with the samples in my DAW to create a varied range taking inspiration from ambient soundscapes, indie, drum & bass and EDM. The process started with creating my palette of sampler instruments. This was a rather laborious exercise of plucking single notes, pinching harmonics, scraping, tapping, slapping and hitting the guitar in hundreds of different ways. I worked with only one acoustic guitar, a single stereo miking method and in one studio; although the samples were going to be ‘morphed’ at a later stage I wanted their sonic grounding to remain cohesive. After capturing the sounds I build several sampler instruments which became the tools I used on all the tracks, these were aptly named – sustain notes, harmonic machine, odd acoustic noises 1, odd acoustic noises 2, acoustic kit 1, 2 and 3! Each track required careful construction and although they all share the same samples, adding processing, effects and with different approaches to song writing I like to think the end results is a pleasing, varied cacophony of sound.”

I’m delighted the album has been added to the Brilliant Music Ltd library and is now available and making it’s way into the media industries. You can listen to the tracks and obtain a licence to use any of the songs by clicking here.

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