Noel does 52 Original Tunes!!

Noel does 52 Original Tunes!!

PPM founder and songwriter Noel Prior has nearly completed the epic 52 week original song challenge, he explains more…

“One year ago I decided to set myself a personal challenge of filming myself performing an original song every week for one year and posting them onto YouTube. I decided to do this for two reasons, firstly to have a recorded catalogue of my original songs and secondly to see if I could still remember some of the songs I wrote well over 10 years ago; I’m glad to announce that I did and I am in the final two weeks! I didn’t want there to be any slick production – simply me, an acoustic guitar or piano and my iPad. I did one take of the tracks and there was no editing involved, so yes mistakes and fluffs can all be seen and heard (although there weren’t too many!)”

You can watch the full set of videos below…

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